Our goal is to help you have the best quality of life throughout your life.

We offer personalized comprehensive financial planning and investment management.

We serve the middle market, clients who start out with less than one million. We can give these clients top-notch service while a brokerage house would give no service.
—Wealth By Design, LLC

About Us

Wealth by Design, LLC was founded by Barbara Bachelder and Kerstin Eriksson-Splawn in 2003 to bring our unique expertise together for the purpose of providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management to our clients to help them achieve their life goals.

Because personal financial planning is a complex and ever-changing field, we each bring our expertise to financial planning and investment management: Barbara offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management and also specializes in insurance; Kerstin offers investment management and also specializes in tax and estate planning.

We operate Wealth by Design, LLC within the following principles:

  • You, the client, come first.
  • We always operate with the highest integrity.
  • We listen to your objectives and always make recommendations which are consistent with your commitments.
  • We educate you so that you are making your own financial choices with our help and advice.
  • We look for the best value for your dollar.
  • We continually educate ourselves and offer advice based on the best information available.


Barbara offers financial consulting, comprehensive financial planning, and asset management and insurance services for individuals and couples of all ages.

Barbara is a founding member of Wealth by Design, LLC, and a Registered Investment Advisor. She is also licensed as an insurance agent in California.

Barbara earned a Certificate for Personal Financial Planning at the University of California in Berkeley in 1998. She became a Certified Financial Planner in 1999.

She received a BA from University of New Hampshire and a Master’s in Education from Fairfield University.

Wealth by Design, LLC
Registered Investment Advisor.
Barbara Bachelder, CFP®
700 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 199, Larkspur, CA 94939
Telephone: (415)332-1840
E-mail: barbara@wealthbydesignonline.com
CA License Number 0B70341


Specializing in creating and maintaining financial independence for retirees and women of all ages, Kerstin (pronounced Shesteen) has years of invaluable experience from Silicon Valley financial planning-investment firms. Kerstin provides comprehensive financial planning, asset management.

Kerstin earned her CFP® designation in 1989 and earned her EA (Enrolled Agent), licensed by the Internal Revenue Service in 1993.

Kerstin majored in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Stockholm, School of Business, Sweden.

Wealth by Design, LLC
Registered Investment Advisor.
Kerstin Eriksson-Splawn, EA, CFP®
14500 Big Basin Way, Suite E, Saratoga, CA 95070
Telephone: 408-741-8151
E-mail: kerstin@wealthbydesignonline.com