Investment Management

“It is impossible to predict the market. Who could have forecasted the events of 2008? It is our job to design an investment portfolio that can withstand the unpredictable future as much as possible.”
—Wealth By Design, LLC

How do you invest your money?

It’s a fact of modern life that almost all of us are faced with this question. Whether you are putting money aside in your retirement account at work, or funding your own retirement you are faced with making decisions about the complex world of investments.

How can we help you?

At Wealth by Design, LLC, we ask a lot of questions before we make investment recommendations. Your age, net worth, tax bracket, tolerance for risk and goals will determine the type and mix of investments that are most appropriate in your financial situation. We interview you so we understand your lifelong financial goals. Then we work with you to create a strategy for achieving your goals which fits your needs and your personality. We determine how big you need your nest egg to grow and your risk-tolerance. Finally, we match the investments in your portfolio with your strategy to achieve each of your goals. In the process of choosing appropriate investments for you, we make sure you understand and authorize our recommendations. We help educate you to become knowledgeable about your investments. It is your money.

Your Personalized Investment Policy Statement

With your goals in mind we form a personalized investment policy statement. This statement is your investment roadmap. With this statement we can quickly eliminate investment ideas which don’t fit and recommend investments which are reasonable vehicles for the achievement of your goals.

“Everyday we check the client’s portfolios to make sure we are moving in the right direction and also to see what impact certain events have had on the portfolios.”
—Wealth By Design, LLC

Creating Your Portfolio

A diversified portfolio is a combination of several investments assets including stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, and international investments. Different types of investments do better in different economic conditions. By diversifying your investments in a portfolio, you are more likely to reduce risk and enhance potential return.

Being smart about risk

Determining the right mix of stocks, bonds, real estate, cash and other investments for you is dependent on your time horizon and risk tolerance.

If you have a conservative view of money or a near term goal, we don’t recommend the risk of a lot of variation of return for the potential return. If your goal is in the distant future, we are much more likely to recommend you take on the risk of varying returns for the potential of higher long-term return. By doing so, you have a good chance of making more money over the long run.

Risk is reduced over time, and returns are compounded over time.

“A big part of our job is keeping up with the investment world by reading reports from various sources. We continually revise our investment recommendations in each category.”
—Wealth By Design, LLC


We keep your diversification in place over time by rebalancing regularly. Rebalancing means selling the winning sectors and buying the losing sectors. Psychologically this is challenging because it’s counter- intuitive. Rebalancing enforces the old and true maxim of buying low and selling high. The market rotates winning sectors and we want to reap the gains and keep your diversification in place.

Why use Wealth by Design, LLC?

Your investment portfolio is a crucial element of your life planning. Unless you have the interest and time to manage it yourself, we strongly feel that it pays to hire expertise to manage your investments. At Wealth by Design, LLC we have a long and successful track record of managing investments. Additionally, we have no conflicts of interest when it comes to the investments we recommend and as Certified Financial Planner’s™ we are bound to high ethical standards.


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